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Punarnawa Soul of Artistry

The Naga Ausoji Serveware Platter

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The Naga Ausoji Serveware is a beautiful platter for serving food. It is hand made by young artisans in the Naga tribe.

The Naga Ausoji Serveware Platter is a traditional naga ritual plates. It is made from the single bamboo and is entirely hand done using traditional methods. Young artisans collect the specific variety of the bamboo in the Naga forest. The Naga Ausoji Serveware Platter is a part of traditional culinary dish and is used to serve various dishes. This product will not only be a great addition to your home decor but also doubles up as an amazing gift option for your loved ones.

It has no gums or adhesive used in its construction and that is the magic of this 100% natural, 100% authentic creation.


Large size
Length 42 cms
Width 24 cms
Height 7 cms

Medium Size
Length 30 cms
Width 19.5 cms
Height 5.5 cms

Kindly note size may vary for each product as they are made from the natural available bamboo but we try our best to retain the nearest possible size as mentioned.

Care information

Dust it dry, gently wash it with natural dish soap or salt and baking powder.


Naga Bamboo