Collection: Art of Stitches- Applique & Embroidery


In the rural villages of Sundargarh District, the art of appliqué and embroidery crafts has become a source of empowerment for women, providing them with a means of self-reliance and economic independence. At Punarnawa, we recognize the transformative power of these traditional crafts firsthand. Appliqué and embroidery were our initial skill sets, propelling us into the realm of entrepreneurship.

Appliqué Work

Appliqué is a decorative needlework technique where pieces or patches of fabric in various shapes and patterns are sewn or adhered onto a larger piece to create a picture or design. It is often used to embellish garments, adding intricate detailing and visual interest. This technique can be executed through hand stitching, and while textiles are the most common medium, similar methods can be applied to different materials. Odisha’s Pipli art is world-famous and uses applique work in primary colours and we do draw inspiration from the Pipli artwork.

Through the practice of appliqué and embroidery, women in Sundargarh District have found a means of expression, creativity, and economic empowerment. Punarnawa celebrates and honours these traditional crafts, offering a platform for artisans to showcase their skills and share their cultural heritage with the world.

Embroidery Work

Embroidery, an ancient art form, involves the skilful use of stitches to embellish fabric and other materials with intricate designs and adornments such as luxurious metal strips, pearls, beads, sujni, sitara and sequences. In India, embroidery carries a significant social status, dating back to ancient times when it was employed to showcase the skilled craftsmanship on fabrics worn by the elite royalty.

The rich tradition of embroidery in India spans over millennia, with different forms evolving and flourishing since as early as 500 BC. Over time, as technology advanced and dynasties expanded, the knowledge and techniques of embroidery were passed down from generation to generation, enriching the cultural heritage of each region.

At Punarnawa, we are dedicated to preserving and promoting this timeless craft. Our women artisans, inspired by the beauty of nature, pour their creativity and expertise into crafting exquisite hand-embroidered pieces. By honouring the legacy of Indian embroidery and infusing it with contemporary designs, we strive to keep this ancient art form alive and thriving for generations to come. At Punarnawa we do all kinds of hand embroidery, zardozi, tilla, mukaish, kamdani, sozni across Odisha, Uttar Pradesh and Kashmir.