Collection: Cane & Bamboo Basketry

Use natural materials and traditional techniques that people have known and proven to be safe. Natural fibre basketry serve a purpose of comfort with good old-fashioned design, coupled with a warm and fuzzy feeling. Indulge in the beauty of this hand-crafted, green sustainable heirloom product and make alive the folk art that has kept traditions alive in India over centuries.

Basketware brings you the best of folk craft baskets and furniture in a variety of eco-friendly, long-lasting materials. Traditionally known for giving our customers the peace of mind by delivering products that are not only beautiful but also functional, Basketware strives to preserve the rich tradition of Indian design and innovation. 

Each piece is lovingly made by hand, basket by basket. The beauty of these pieces lies in their imperfections. From the green hills of the rising sun to the plains of Mithila region, place where Janaka found Sita. We bring you the wide range of grass basketry and furniture in the indigenous natural materials handmade by the local Artisans. Our woven baskets and mats are available in an arsenal of colors, designs, and styles. Explore our ambience of natural materials for unique home decor or office furnishings!