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Punarnawa is a kaleidoscope of Crafts, Culture & Creativity. Punarnawa in Sanskrit (an ancient language of India) means - that which is restored or renewed.To create success stories in families by providing them with a new lease of life is the power mantra behind the label, Punarnawa.

The USP of the brand lies In reviving the age-old handloom techniques while simultaneously working towards social, economic empowerment of our communities. We believe think global act local, #vocalforlocal.
Punarnawa operates to the highest ethical and sustainable standards, and we continue to prioritise people and environment over profits. We continue to reinvest our earnings into providing resources, training and development of our artisans. As a result, we do not offer any sales or discounts. We create eco friendly clothing with responsible materials and sustainable practices throughout the entire process. Punarnawa is headquartered in Rourkela, Odisha.
Vision statement
We envision an inclusive community where the historically marginalised population is completely self-reliant and enjoys an improved quality of life. Our vision is to enable, empower the underserved and socially disadvantaged groups by providing them training and transforming them into skilled artisans.
Mission statement
True to its name, Punarnawa aims to restore, revitalise some of India’s most treasured handlooms and handicrafts. Our goal is to provide highest quality products while balancing the ethical working conditions, fair wages, and social equality.
Company Ethos
Our key values are self reliance, inclusivity and social responsibility. We see ourselves as a responsible and an ethical organisation with emphasis on fair wages, sustainable practices, preservation & promotion of Indian heritage, culture, equality & diversity.
Executive profiles
Punarnawa is an all women led enterprise with Subrata Pandey as its Founder & Managing Director. Saroj Pandey is the Executive Director. Its powerful & inspiring women lead all the key management, creative and operation segments.
Our Story
Punarnawa’s mission is to create a world where tradition thrives, women lead, and the environment is protected.  Introducing Punarnawa Crafts, a socially conscious organisation on a mission to empower indigenous and marginalised women while preserving traditional artisanal crafts. Founded in  2011, in a small indigenous village in Sundergarh district in the western part of Odisha. It started with 60 indigenous women predominantly from Oraon, Munda, and Khariya. These women were engaged as daily wage workers, or were seasonal farmers. The entire organisation came into existence with the pure intention of helping these women earn with dignity while battling the struggles of their houses. With no prior legacy of any heirloom skills, It started with skill training and in following years they were registered as skilled artisans in Applique and Embroidery. This was the beginning of this 13 years old organization that is currently working with more than 16 states, two union territories, three countries with 30 indigenous tribes across India. It has trained more than 1000 families in traditional skills in participation with the government. national and international Ngos and independently. Isn't this amazing that this entire organisation is being run and managed by these indigenous women across our head office, studio and souvenir shop? 

At Punarnawa Crafts, we are revolutionising the way traditional heritage skills are accessed and utilised to create sustainable and inclusive livelihoods. Our design process contributes positively to the environment. As a women-owned enterprise, we understand the importance of providing equal opportunities for women in rural India. Over 90% of our workforce consists of talented female artisans in which 75% are from the first generation who are trained in the heritage skills and are leading the way in their own communities. 

At the heart of Punarnawa's vision lies a deep respect for the indigenous tribes & communities. Recognizing their invaluable contribution to the art world, Punarnawa ensures fair compensation and dignified working conditions for these skilled artisans. By fostering a nurturing environment, Punarnawa empowers weavers & artisans to continue their craft with pride and passion, passing down their knowledge to future generations.

As Punarnawa weaves together the threads of tradition, innovation, and sustainability, it is equally committed to sustainability, using eco-friendly materials and ethical practices. Punarnawa seeks to cultivate a promising prospect for the native population, conserving timeless knowledge and cultural importance.