Collection: Crafted in Yarn: Crochet Wonders


Crochet is a versatile craft technique that involves using a small hook to interlock loops of yarn or thread, resulting in the creation of beautiful fabric. Similar to knitting, crochet utilizes only one hook instead of two needles. This art form allows for the creation of a wide range of items, including clothing, accessories, home decor, toys, and more.

At Punarnawa, crochet goes beyond being just a craft; it serves as a symbol of empowerment for our artisans, who are the pioneers of their generation. With their skilled hands and creative minds, they are the driving force behind our organization, infusing each meticulously crafted toy and craft with their unique essence. Originally used as a tool to empower our first generation of adivasi women who were engaged in farming or odd jobs, crochet has now evolved into a means for creating wonderful objects of utility and decor.

When you choose to purchase our exquisite crochet creations, it is important to acknowledge that our artisans are not only fairly compensated but also empowered to earn their livelihoods with dignity. The days when crochet was solely associated with our beloved grandmothers are long gone. Today, mastering this craft requires extraordinary patience and unwavering attention to detail.

With every stitch, our artisans weave together a story of resilience, creativity, and pride. We invite you to explore our collection of crochet toys and more, each piece telling a unique story of craftsmanship and dedication.