Collection: Earthenware | Charai Taba Andro Pottery

At a time when the king pushed all of Imphal valley to convert to Hinduism from the 1700s onwards, a small group of Meiteis chose to become social castaways in order to continue practicing their indigenous Sanamahi faith. Charai Taba, practiced only by the married women. 

The Charai Taba also translates to looping clay or coil pottery. Charai Taba is a rare coil pottery that uses stacks of coil and slabs to give forms. The distinct look of this pottery is its natural fossil like imprints that imports you to the bygone era. 

There is beauty in the struggle of Charai Taba. These living shadows of the past, who still practice the ancient Sanamahi faith, need your help to maintain their traditional wood burning kilns and coil pottery in order to keep their traditions alive.

The story of Charai Taba, the last vestige of the oldest matrilineal society in Asia, is a story of resilience and courage. As a part of the Andro tradition, our earthenware line is designed to represent the rich heritage and culture of their forefathers. Quality and authenticity are guaranteed with every piece - that's Andro earthenware.