Collection: Handloom Kurtis & Tops

Ikat: A Time-Honored Artistry in Fabric Design

Ikat, a revered fabric adornment technique, is a masterful craft of creating intricate patterns through resist dyeing. Unlike conventional methods that involve surface decoration or structural weaving, Ikat's allure unfolds uniquely. In this meticulous process, specific sections of the warp and/or weft yarns are diligently shielded with a resist before the dyeing ritual begins. The outcome is a mesmerizing, instantly recognizable feathered weave, born right on the loom.

Our handwoven tops and kurtis pay homage to this timeless tradition of craftsmanship, infused with a profound love for artistry. They epitomize the essence of artisanal fashion. Immerse yourself in this rich legacy as you explore our collection.