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Punarnawa Soul of Artistry

Assam CTC Tea

Assam CTC Tea

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Punarnawa Assam CTC is sourced from the picturesque tea gardens of upper Assam. Our tea is meticulously crafted by a dedicated community of weavers and artisans, who not only tend to the tea garden but also engage in independent small-scale farming of tea leaves.

We take immense pride in offering you tea of unparalleled quality. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the finest primary quality of our tea, which is brimming with antioxidants. To ensure that you experience only the best, we carefully handpick small batches of tea leaves during the first and second flush. This meticulous process guarantees that you receive a top-grade tea bursting with flavour and aroma.

By choosing our tea, you not only indulge in a delightful beverage but also support the livelihoods of our talented artisans and weavers. These skilled individuals are crucial as tea pluckers and makers, and your patronage directly contributes to their well-being.

Experience the essence of Assam's tea heritage with Punarnawa Assam CTC. Savour the rich flavors, support local communities and embark on a journey of tea appreciation like no other.


Dimension or Weight

250.0 gms Bamboo Box
150.0 gms Loose pouch

Care information

Best before 12 months from manufacturing. Store in a cool, dry place and in a tight container.


Assam CTC leaves

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