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Punarnawa Soul of Artistry

Dheki Kuta Tea

Dheki Kuta Tea

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Introducing Punarnawas Dheki Kuta Tea, the ultimate organic alternative to CTC black tea for those who simply cannot resist the allure of milk tea. Not only does it offer a mild and delightful taste, but it also boasts a plethora of health benefits.

Dheki Kuta tea, as the name suggests, is crafted from long orthodox tea leaves that are traditionally ground using a wooden mortar and pestle. The term "Dheki" refers to a traditional rice-pounding tool of Assam, which is ingeniously employed in the tea manufacturing process to pound the leaves to perfection.

Brewing this exceptional tea is a breeze, as you have three delightful options at your disposal: steeping, boiling, or straining. Whether you prefer to enjoy it with milk or as a refreshing iced tea or a black tea' Dheki Kuta tea serves as the ideal substitute for CTC tea.  You have three variants to choose from - Dheki Masala, Dheki Tea with green cardamom and Simple Dheki Tea original. 

The origins of Dheki tea remain shrouded in mystery, but according to the tales passed down by our wise elders, this tea dates back to the era of commercial tea plantations. During that time, villagers would prepare Dheki tea for personal consumption, utilizing tea leaves harvested from the surrounding vicinity or grown in their own yards. Unfortunately, this practice was eventually banned under the oppressive rule of the colonial authorities.

However, thanks to the tireless efforts of our skilled handmade tea artisans, the revival of Dheki tea in the present day has brought forth a fresh wave of innovation in its manufacturing process. This has successfully recreated the unique flavor profile of this long-forgotten tea-drinking tradition.

Dheki tea is not only a testament to our cherished traditions but also a modern marvel in its own right. With its enchanting flowery aroma, it captivates the senses from the very first sip. Those who have had the pleasure of tasting Punarnawa's Dheki tea have marveled at its ability to avoid causing acidity.

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    150 gms

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    Best before 12 months from manufacturing. Store in a cool, dry place and in a tight container.


    Dheki Tea Leaves.

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