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Punarnawa Soul of Artistry

Eco friendly wooden flat turner ladles

Eco friendly wooden flat turner ladles

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It's time to cook the right way. And the best way to do that is with the himalayan wooden spatula. Say hello to your new partner in cooking, our beautiful eco friendly bamboo ladle.

Cooking healthy food has never been more important, and with this amazing bamboo ladle you can do so without any fear of chemical or adulteration. This bamboo kitchen utensil is handmade by the Naga artisans from the Nagaland. They use only natural materials and produce sustainable products that are beautiful and eco-friendly. The natural wood from the eastern Himalaya are harvested responsibly, and the craftsman receives a fair wage for their work. 

Discover the joy of cooking with natural himalayan wooden ladle. Completely safe to use, this eco-friendly ladle is easy to clean and has a unique design that allows you to turn any food easily. The durability of the wooden material makes this a long lasting kitchen product. Choose it in natural, smoked or sleek design.

Dimension or Weight

Smoked 7 x 28 cms
Natural 7 x 34 cms
Sleek 5.2 x 29 cms

Care information

Gentle wash with salt, lemon and natural dish soap to keep your cooking healthy and safe.


Himalayan Solid Wood

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