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Punarnawa Soul of Artistry

Longpi Black Pottery Stoneware Pickle Jar- 10.5 L

Longpi Black Pottery Stoneware Pickle Jar- 10.5 L

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The ultimate kitchen helper. The vintage looking jar is a precious piece of pottery that will be right at home in any modern and traditional space. It can be used as a fruit or herb jar, or as a storage container. The lid is a loose fit making it quick to use.

Dimension or Weight

Upper Diameter: 17 cms
Height: 27 cms
Base Diameter: 19 cms
Weight: 4 Kg

Care information

Let the cookware cool down, remove from gas stove or oven and rinse with clean water. Dish wash normal by hand. Before storing it, always dry it. For stubborn stains and odors you may use 1-2 tablespoons of baking soda in warm water and wash as normal.


Serpentine stone, weathered rock clay, Longpi stoneware.

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