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Punarnawa Soul of Artistry

Naga Big Wooden Pestle, Mortar For Everyday Use

Naga Big Wooden Pestle, Mortar For Everyday Use

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Naga is the epitome of strength, elegance, and power. The Tangkhul Naga artisan handcrafts our mortars from the hardwood using traditional methods passed down through generations. There is no better way to grind spices and herbs than with our mortar. Our mortar comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your needs. With a good volume for any task and a strong body, our products will serve you for a lifetime.

Dimension or Weight

Traditional glass style
Weight: 2.100 gms
Upper Diameter: 18 cms
Base Diameter: 18 cms
Height: 21 cms

Matki pot style
Weight: 3.200 gms
Upper Diameter: 21 cms
Base Diameter: 21 cms
Height: 21 cms

Care information

Gentle wash with salt, lemon, baking powder or natural dish soap to keep your cooking healthy and safe.


Himalayan Solid Wood

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