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Punarnawa Soul of Artistry

Kauna Grass Shopping Basket

Kauna Grass Shopping Basket

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Say goodbye to plastic bags! Make a fashionable statement with Multipurpose storage bag - the stylish and sustainable way to shop. Hand-woven by artisans from Manipur's versatile Kauna grass, our eco-friendly bag is ideal for groceries, shopping, beach trips or even as a laundry basket. It not only looks good but is also durable and Lightweight making it super easy to carry around. Shop designer bags today and make your contribution towards a greener planet!

Dimension or Weight

Length: 34cms
Width: 5cms
Height: 32cms
Weight: 259gms

Care information

Keep it away from moisture to ensure longevity. Cleaning is also a breeze, just wipe it off with a soft damp cloth.


Assam Indigenous Bamboo & Cane

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