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Punarnawa Soul of Artistry

Traditional Kumari Wooden Puppets | पुतली

Traditional Kumari Wooden Puppets | पुतली

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Discover Nepalese puppet magic, where skilful artists use strings and wood to bring mythical deities like Kumari and Bhairav to life. These charming puppets tell stories that share the cultural tales of the Himalayan region. Through their craft, these artists showcase the beauty of Nepalese art and traditions, offering a delightful glimpse into their storytelling world. Introduce these expertly crafted with clay and wooden puppets to your home for a touch of traditional folk mythology.

Dimension or Weight

Puppet without string - 11 inch approx.

Care information

Wipe gently with a soft, dry cloth to remove dust. Avoid contact with water and other liquids for long-lasting quality.



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