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Punarnawa Soul of Artistry

Wild Forest Honey | शहद

Wild Forest Honey | शहद

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Punarnawa honey, carefully harvested from the eastern Himalayas, provides valuable supplemental income for our skilled beekeepers. Sourced from the heart of wild forests, it remains unprocessed and meticulously filtered, ensuring its purity. Its name, "wildflower honey," reflects its natural essence, packed with antioxidants and free of any artificial additives. Any signs of foam, crystallization, or leakage are clear indicators of its untainted quality. Simply placing it in the sun or heating it will preserve its purity, as it is non-pasteurized and retains all of its nourishing nutrients. Please keep in mind that this honey is only available in small batches, with its taste and texture varying seasonally. When choosing Punarnawa honey, you can trust in its exceptional purity, a promise from nature itself.

Dimension or Weight

250 gms

Care information

Best before 12 months from manufacturing. Store in cool, dry place and in a tight container.


100% Pure handcrafted Honey.

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