Collection: Nature's Nectar

Punarnawa Organic Wildflower honey is a natural, raw, unpasteurized, unprocessed, and filtered honey sourced from the eastern Himalayan range. This exquisite honey undergoes a natural transformation in color, texture, and viscosity as it ages and is harvested during different seasons. Furthermore, its flavor profile varies depending on the nectar source of the diligent bees.

The Apis Cerana Bee, a remarkable species of honey bee native to Northeast India, is responsible for producing this exceptional honey. These bees primarily gather nectar from a diverse array of wildflowers, cherry blossoms, and rhododendron flowers that are indigenous to the region. This unique combination of floral sources contributes to the distinct taste and aroma of Punarnawa honey.

It is important to note that the crystallization of honey is a completely natural process and should not be mistaken for adulteration or spoilage. Honey contains two main types of natural sugars: fructose and glucose. While fructose remains dissolved, glucose has a lower solubility, leading to the formation of crystals.

To restore the honey to its liquid state, simply allow the jar to bask under the warm rays of the sun or place it in a pot of warm water. The crystals will effortlessly dissolve, returning the honey to its smooth and flowing consistency.

Experience the pure essence of Punarnawa Organic Wildflower honey, a testament to the untamed beauty of the eastern Himalayas and the remarkable craftsmanship of the Apis Cerana Bee. Please take note that our Lakadong or ginger-infused honey may contain natural deposits at the bottom of the bottle.