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Punarnawa Soul of Artistry

Black pottery stoneware serving platter almond shaped perfect for healthy snacks time

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Stoneware pottery also know as Longpi Pottery is traditionally known as ‘Longpi Ham’, and was also called ‘Loree Hamlei’ or ‘royal pottery’ because only the royalty and the rich of Manipur could afford it.

Each black pottery stoneware serving platter is handcrafted individually with the magic clay that has the divine serpentine stone and weathered rock to make it microwave and gas stove safe. 

Every black pottery stoneware serving platter is hand polished using the indigenous seed. When you buy any piece of our Longpi pottery, you motivate the youths from the high altitude of Manipur. Each sale help them to continue their craft without having to move for the odd jobs to stear through the struggles of living in the hills. 

With the growing global warming and irresponsible practices even the indigenous raw materials to make the Longpi pottery are becoming scarce. We are indeed having a valuable piece of art rich in culture, history and material, when we get to own a piece of Longpi pottery. 


Oval 20*17 cms
Height 2 cms
Weight : 425 gm

Care information

Let the cookware cool down, remove from gas stove or oven and rinse with clean water. Dish wash normal by hand. Before storing it, always dry it. For stubborn stains and odors you may use 1-2 tablespoons of baking soda in warm water and wash as normal.


Serpentine stone, weathered rock clay, Longpi stoneware.